Hey there!

My name is Caleb Walke. I am a Senior at Texas Tech University in the Electrical Engineering College, and this website is about me and my interests. I know, I know – the multitudes and masses are just clamoring to know my likes and dislikes. Clamor no more and just stay tuned.

My purpose with this page is to showcase my interests and hobbies for other interested parties to enjoy if they so desire. I have a lot of ideas for this page, but so far it is pretty sparse. ┬áThis is a work in progress, so if there is anything you would like to see, don’t hesitate to email me at caleb@walke.us and let me know.

Soon I want to start doing 2 things, I want to begin to write an ongoing blog entitled “How to Build a Robot” an ongoing tutorial from beginning to end that will detail beginning to end design considerations, code implementation among other idea on robotics. This will have pictures, code examples and links to all the things I use so that anyone can fallow along and build their own. I’m excited about this. Everyone knows robotics are cool and it has been an interest of mine since I went back to school and I want to share all of this will everyone.

Also I am going to be teaching myself some advanced webdesign. I feel like it is high time that I begin teaching myself this stuff. This will be a skill set that will be useful for everyone. If I feel like I am advanced enough in this skill I might share some insight that I have in the subject with everyone else. I want to grow the walke.us website for my family and gaining the webdesign skills to make a slick and pleasant website for everyone to enjoy is one set on the way to completing this.


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